International Association of Agricultural Economics

towards a prosperous, sustainable, well-nourished world

Mission and Goals


ICWAE aims to increase gender diversity in the agricultural economics profession and promote greater visibility and professional advancement for women.

Goals of ICWAE 

  • Increase the pipeline of women in the agricultural economics profession and expand opportunities for mentoring for career advancement, professional success and recognition;
  • Promote ICWAE as a networking platform for women in agricultural economics;
  • Enable increased participation by women at the ICAE;
  • Support greater involvement by women in agricultural economics in international engagements, dialogue and initiatives beyond the IAAE in related scholarly associations and professional fora
  • Actively pursue fund-raising opportunities to support the above goals.

Activities for ICWAE for 2020

  • Propose sessions and activities for ICAE 2021;
  • Fund raising for ICWAE:
    • Identify and contact organizations interested in promoting women in professional careers in developing countries;
    • Creation of Uma Lele Appreciation Club and fund raising for it;
  • Reduce barriers to participation by women in ICAE through access to child care subsidies, travel grants;
  • Develop a Regional structure for ICWAE;
  • Establish a Friends of ICWAE group; and
  • Grow linkages with women in agricultural economics in regional associations