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About the International Committee of Women in Agricultural Economics

ICWAE is a Committee in the International Association of Agricultural Economics to serve women economists in the agricultural economics profession by promoting their career development, furthering their status, and increasing gender diversity in the association.

The recordings are now available from the 2020 CWAE Annual Meeting. Click here to access the information.

From: Uma Lele, President Elect, International Association of Agricultural Economics (IAAE)

ICWAE provides a global network of women professionals and serves women economists in agricultural economics through mentoring activities, career development resources, recognition and celebration of their accomplishments.

It also builds bridges to women economists in regional agricultural economics associations. Many of our activities are potentially of general interest to early and mid-career academic and non-academic professionals, regardless of gender, race or ethnicity and we welcome broad engagement in ICWAE.

Launching the International Committee on Women in Agricultural Economics (ICWAE)