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IAAE Triennial Conference

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See the ICAE 2015 website http://icae2015.org

29th ICAE, August 8-14, 2015
Milan, Italy

Agriculture in an Interconnected World

Improved access to information appears to have greatly affected the performance of markets in many rural areas, especially markets for perishable products. The emergence of money transfer and payment mechanisms has potentially enormous implications for access to finance and payment, with options for a huge population of people currently without access to banks. The Agriculture in an Interconnected World theme is intended to capture the widespread adoption of new communication technologies. It embraces a broad range of interconnections that are contributing to unprecedented changes in global agriculture, such as:

  • links between agricultural and energy markets through biofuels, and inputs of fuel and fertilizer;
  • links between agriculture and other uses of land;
  • links between agriculture and other sectors, as labor moves out of agriculture in developing countries;
  • the supermarket revolution in developing countries;
  • trade policy debates, both when prices are high and when they are low;
  • the collective action problems associated with price volatility;
  • international investment in agricultural land;
  • links between scientifi c progress and productivity growth in agriculture;
  • climate change and agriculture; and
  • competition between agriculture and other users of increasingly scarce water.

The 29th International Conference of Agricultural Economists will focus on these changes, their effects, and the best ways to address the challenges. The conference will be held in the wonderful northern-Italian city of Milan, site of EXPO 2015, providing a forum for exchange of ideas and new insights.


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