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Asia Society of Agricultural Economists 8th International Conference
Savar, Bangladesh
October 15-17, 2014
Call for Papers and Posters - Deadline for submissions: February 28, 2014
Information and Registration Fees

The 9th Africa Farm Management Congress
Cape Town, South Africa
November 16-20, 2014
Call for Papers

IEG-IFPRI International Conference - Innovation in Indian Agriculture: Ways Forward
New Delhi, India
December 4-5, 2014
Call for Papers

Food in the Bio-based Economy; Sustainable Provision and Access
Wageningen, The Netherlands
May 27-29, 2015
First Call
Conference Website

2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Land Use and Water Quality: Agricultural Production and the Environment
Vienna, Austria
September 21-24, 2015
Conference Website


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