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2018 ICABR Conference on "Disruptive Innovations, Value Chains, and Rural Development"
A multidisciplinary forum to facilitate interactions between leading academics, World Bank staff, policymakers, government experts, civil society organizations, private-sector representatives, and representatives of other international organizations, and to showcase the present frontier knowledge on these issues.
June 12-15, 2018
Washington, D.C.
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Abstract Submission - Due January 31, 2018
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58th Annual Conference of the German Association of Agricultural Economists (GeWiSoLa)
September 12-14, 2018
University of Kiel
Key issues include:

  • Which agricultural and food policy interventions are needed in certain markets, and why?
  • What should the future priorities of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy be?
  • What food policy measures are suitable for generating more sustainable consumption patterns?
  • How can buying behavior and societal policy goals be reconciled more effectively?
  • What role can new technologies (e.g. digitization) play in the sustainable use of resources along value chains?
  • What new scientific theories and methods appear to be particularly well suited to meeting the above challenges?

NARSC 2018, Call for Submissions, Special Sessions: "Agricultural Innovation, Productivity and Regional Economic Growth"
November 7-10, 2018
San Antonio, Texas
Abstract Submissions - Due July 1, 2018
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Key themes:

  • Adoption of new innovation in agriculture
  • Drivers of productivity in agriculture
  • Knowledge spillovers
  • Links between agriculture and regional economic growth (and decline)
  • Impacts of agricultural R&D
  • Links between agriculture and other sectors
  • Agglomeration economies in agriculture
  • Impact of transportation costs and infrastructure on agriculture and rural economies
  • Climate change, agriculture, and rural population
  • Impacts of farm entry, exit and reallocation

22nd International Farm Management Congress
March 3-8, 2019
Launceston, Tasmania
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LuWQ2019 4th International Interdisciplinary Conference on LAND USE AND WATER QUALITY: Agriculture and the Environment
An international and interdisciplinary conference on the cutting edge of science, management and policy to minimize effects of agriculture and land use changes on the quality of groundwater and surface waters.
June 3-6, 2019
Aarhus, Denmark
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Abstract Submission - Due October 15, 2018